EYEBROWS: Best Shape + Color

August 14, 2018

EYEBROWS: Best Shape + Color

Eyebrows are perhaps the most ignored, but most important, aspect of the face. Read on for the little details that really matter on Shabbos, or any other day of the week. 

Shape and Color of the Eyebrows is Determined by:

  • NATURAL BROW SHAPE.  Most flattering Eyebrow shapes follow the natural brow shape while removing those little hairs beneath the brow line. Our objective is to enhance the natural brow shape, by following the natural brow line, and to create a more open and balanced eye by making the shape fuller and longer.  
  • BROW COLOR.  Eyebrows are naturally a shade or two darker that the natural hair color. Approach with caution when coloring as permanent hair color can tend to pull brassy toes. We never want to draw unwanted attention to the area of the eyes. And, if have blonde hair, please don't try to make the brows blonde if natural color is brown. 
  • EYE COLOR.  Keep in mind that the natural color of the eyebrow is there for a reason. Keeping the focus on the real and natural color of the eyebrow guarantees a flattering accent on the eyes. 

Letter of Rabbinical Approval