EYEBROWS: Maintenance

August 14, 2018

EYEBROWS: Maintenance

Well-shaped eyebrows are an understated and essential aspect of our individual beauty. A must for us all. The good news is that maintaining brows is not such a bit commitment. 

Here is your handy guide to follow:

  • SHAPING.  The most flattering, natural looking eyebrows whether shaped, tweezed, waxed or threaded require professional expertise only. 
  • DAILY ATTENTION.  With makeup, or without, be sure to fill in shape where necessary using Shabbos Eyebrow Powder. 
  • WHEN BROWS ARE TINTED.  Eyebrow grooming, like hair color, becomes increasingly important each year⏤for all of us! Usually need retouching every 2-3 weeks.

Letter of Rabbinical Approval