How It Started

Dubbed as “The Gold Standard of Shabbos Makeup,” Shabbos Shimmer is the brain-child of makeup maven, Nancy Beltrandi, whose makeup creations have graced the faces of high fashion supermodels and celebrities in magazines such as Allure, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, The New York Times Magazine, Teen Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue. 

Shabbos Shimmer offers Jewish observant women the highest quality of makeup and skin care that is Rabbinically-approved for use on Shabbos. Maintaining Halakhic standards Shabbos Shimmer satisfies both religious and fashion concerns.

Shabbos Shimmer is the first brand to introduce a Rabbinically-approved all powder makeup line for Shabbos. Nancy created a makeup line that is modest, yet modern, and that would make women’s lives easier by not having to scrape off eye shadows before Shabbos or to sleep with a makeup already applied to the face on Friday night. Nancy’s extensive background working with models on photo shoots here in New York, Paris, Milan and London, inspired her to make colors that enhance and complement skin tones and facial features of all ages. She knew exactly what to do. 

“I want women to enjoy Shabbos and to be at peace with their inner and outer beauty. Now you can be fashion forward and look extra special while knowing that you are adhering to the rules of the Torah.” 

-Nancy Beltrandi Gold, founder, Shabbos Shimmer 

Letter of Rabbinical Approval