All makeup that can be used on Shabbos and yom tov must adhere to the Halakhic guidelines of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l.  Recognized as the preeminent Torah Sage and Posek who, to this day, remains to be the chief Halakhic authority. Rav Feinstein was of the opinion that one may use loose powder makeup that is not long lasting. 

Shabbos Shimmer is an All Powder Rabbinically Approved cosmetic line that adheres to all Halakhic requirements. 


MAKEUP APPLICATION: Know that order of application should always go from top to bottom, on Shabbos and any other time. Note that the five areas described below are the areas permitted to enhance along with the products and applicators listed.   

SKIN:  Moisturize entire face misting with a spray facial oil such as Shabbos Face Oil Spray. Let completely dry before continuing with application. 

EYES: Using 2 colors, lighter and darker, apply each color with its own separate brush. The best way to accent the eye is to apply the darker color directly on the lay line, almost making does in a tapping motion. 

CHEEKS: Spray Powder Blush, or non-Spray, your choice.! The most effective way to apply blush is to smile! This reveals the apple of the cheek which is where the Spray Powder Blush is pointed, or the non-Spray Blush can be applied.

LIPS: After misting the face with the Spray Face Oil, and then applying lip powder, it’s best to get into the habit of not licking the lips. Moisturizing the lips during the week, using a good lip moisturizing treatment [link to Lip Moisturizer] will ensure smooth and soft lips on Shabbos. 

REMEMBER THAT THE COLOR of All Powder Makeup appears intense and bright in the jar. However, once applied the actual color dissipates to a much softer tone. Always, and guaranteed. 

Letter of Rabbinical Approval